Khāmgaon Meridian (MS) Star

Although no firm plans have been made, the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors has hired an architect to assist Yates Construction with the forthcoming courthouse project — whatever that may be.

LPK Architects, PA of Meridian was selected out of the five firms that expressed an interest in the project. . .

. . . The board last week voted 2-1 to hire Luke [ed. Bob Luke of LPK Architects] — with two abstentions. District 1 Supervisor Jonathan Wells and Board President Josh Todd (Ward 3) voted yes, while District 5 Supervisor Kyle Rutledge voted no. Supervisors Wayman Newell (District 2) and Joe Norwood (District 4) did not vote.

County Attorney Lee Thaggard said the motion passed because the county practices Robert’s Rules of Order.

“Under Robert’s, a majority vote means a majority of those members voting,” Haggard said. “Three members voted and two abstained, so it passed because a majority voted yes.”
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