Strategic Motions to Delay Action

The world keeps moving faster and reactions to the current environment can be a matter of an association’s survival. Unfortunately, being able to move very quickly also means being able to move more quickly in the wrong direction. Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should. Without a mission that is clear and unambiguous and a solid strategic plan to guide you, speed can become a liability rather than an asset.

Boards and delegate assemblies can fall victim to a dangerous malady called groupthink. It spreads throughout the room and permeates the atmosphere. It’s harnessed by coaches in their pre-game and halftime speeches. It’s easier for them because the mission is clear: win the game. It’s a clear objective and there are limited ways to make it happen. But what if the board or assembly is getting caught up in the spirit of the moment and about to make decisions that take the organization away from its defined course? Or, what if the board isn’t doing due diligence by getting necessary information before making a decision? It’s everyone’s responsibility to at least attempt to suggest or recommend some alternatives. Strategic motions to delay action can buy time for enough suggestions to be generated to provide the most informed decision.

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