Leadership Training

We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and whether it’s serving as a delegate or director, running a meeting or taking the minutes, a little bit of training can make a big difference.

Parliamentary procedure is still the best method of group decision-making; unfortunately misinformation over time has clouded its effectiveness. Myths abound; many of the things that people think are part of Robert’s Rules are simply not there, or are misstated or mischaracterized. We un-complicate things for you and help you get back to basics. We show you what works and what doesn’t when trying to organize your meeting, starting with how to prepare the agenda and set up your special rules to get business done. Members, whether delegates, trustees, or directors, learn how to prepare for a meeting and how to protect their rights in a meeting.

We offer customized training for our clients, speak at leadership training conferences, and conduct topic-specific webinars. We provide board orientation, delegate training, and officer coaching to help everyone become comfortable in their roles.

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If you study to remember, you will forget; if you study to understand, you will remember.

— Unknown

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