Meeting Parliamentarian  Services

When is the last time you heard someone say: “I just came from a great meeting!” We define a great meeting as one that stays on track, is fair, and reaches clear decisions. We seek to prevent the preventable and plan for the unexpected.

To ensure you have a great meeting, we:

  • Assist with agenda preparation
  • Develop special rules for your unique culture
  • Draft and format clear language to avoid wordsmithing from the floor
  • Work with committees to help them perform their tasks
  • Develop and deliver orientation sessions for delegates
  • Prepare scripts for the presiding officer and others
  • Update governance documents revised at the meeting
  • Assist with preparing the minutes of the meeting
  • Participate in a wrap-up conference call

We can also serve as professional presiding officers for the business portion of the meeting. Presiding over an annual meeting takes planning, energy, and skill. Far too often this important duty falls to a president who is running from one event to another, during a time when stress is high and sleep is a luxury. Sometimes it makes far more sense to have the president call the meeting to order, handle the ceremonial duties, and then call on a professional presiding officer to handle the technical aspects of the meeting, keeping the president out of the fray and ensuring impartiality.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your meetings.

Have a Great Meeting!

“The buck stops here!”

— Sign on Harry Truman’s desk

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