Meeting Parliamentarian Services We work with our clients during the time leading up to the meeting to prevent the preventable problems. Here are some of the parliamentary services we offer:

  • Agenda preparation insures the business is taken up with a logical flow
  • Developing special rules for your unique culture helps keep the meeting moving and minimizes wasted time and frustrating pauses
  • Drafting and formatting clear and appropriate language for amending bylaws for clarity and understanding
  • Working with your resolutions committee and nominating committee to help them perform their specialized tasks
  • Developing and delivering training for delegates, tellers, and other meeting assistants
  • Collaboration with other consultants, such as keypad providers and election vendors, to ensure your adopted rules are being followed and voting counts are accurate
  • Assist delegates with potential amendments or other motions, so that their ideas are ready for consideration
  • Preparing scripts for the presiding officer and others to ensure the integrity of the meeting process
  • Provide total attention and support to the presiding officer while the meeting is in session and at any other time it is needed
  • Update governance documents revised at the meeting
  • Assist with preparation of the minutes of the meeting
  • Participate in a wrap-up conference call to discuss the effectiveness of the meeting and what changes might be indicated for the coming year

rencontre femme gothique We are credentialed to handle a variety of parliamentary authorities, including Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised and AIP Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (formerly known as Sturgis).

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