Governance committees to help ensure excellence

Hot Springs Village Voice (AR) Questioned about the role of a governance committee, the chairman of the new Hot Springs Village Property Owners’ Association governance committee said last Friday its role is similar to a nonprofit board’s nominating committee, but with...

Current Snippet

Board Bullies It is tempting to characterize bad behavior by labeling the person who exhibits it – perhaps this snippet should have been titled “Bullying Behavior.” Name-calling is a copout because we don’t have to set standards and hold people...

News: Courthouse has architect but no plan

Meridian (MS) Star Although no firm plans have been made, the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors has hired an architect to assist Yates Construction with the forthcoming courthouse project — whatever that may be. LPK Architects, PA of Meridian was selected out of...

News: Portage Council returns ordinance rule change to committee

Portage (Wisconsin) Daily Register During a discussion of proposed changes in the city ordinance related to how the Portage Common Council conducts its business, about the only thing members agreed on Thursday was that the proposed revisions need more work. The 7-0...
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