News: No Final Decision Made on Red House Future

OBSERVER TODAY (Dunkirk, NY) CASSADAGA — Owners of the Red House will have to wait a while longer before finding out if they can resume normal business operations. At last week’s meeting of the Cassadaga Village Board, the zoning issue of Frisbee Road was discussed,...

Current Snippet

Proxies A proxy is defined as one person giving the authority to another person to act in his or her stead. At first it seems reasonable – if I can’t make the meeting, how will my voice be heard? Isn’t more participation better than less? This is the perfect place to...

News – Plan Board Hosts Public Hearings

By Joe Barker, The Missourian (Washington, MO) The Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission met for the first time Tuesday night since a legal decision forced changes to the way meetings are conducted . . . The board’s bylaws limit speakers to five minutes. The...

Announcing: June 2018 Snippet

The Meeting Snippet for June 2018 is entitled “Removal from Office.” It should be posted on June 5, 2018.

Windows of Collaborative Opportunity: Considerations of Governance

Non-Profit Quarterly By Chris Cornforth, John Paul Hayes and Siv Vangen Given the complexity of many social, environmental, and economic problems facing communities, nonprofit organizations are increasingly collaborating with public authorities. But the power dynamics...
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