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Policies vs. Procedures Rules exist all around us and operate on several levels. Associations know they must abide by legislative directives and their state statutes, and the bylaws have a content structure set forth in the parliamentary authority. It’s the next level...

Introducing: May Snippet

The May 2019 Snippet will cover “Policies vs Procedures.” It should be available online on or about May 1, 2019.

Understanding How Abstention Votes Impact Public Boards

Surf City, NJ Children are often taught there are two answers to certain questions: yes or no. That’s not the case for elected officials, who have the ability to abstain from a vote on any given topic for any number of reasons. Often, the reason for an abstention vote...

News: Box used by fraternal club for voting sells for $500

The Columbus Dispatch (Columbus, OH) As early as the 17th century in America, members of fraternal clubs often voted at their meetings without paper ballots. Many decisions had to be almost unanimous; just one “no” vote could defeat a project. So, they used a...

News: Members moving forward after messy vote

Star Beacon (Ashtabula, Ohio) – City Council members and officials are trying to move forward after a confusing and contentious vote regarding a rezoning request for senior rental housing.  The original request to rezone property on the former Mount...
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