Editorial: A question answered

For me nothing ever changed, it is all still the same. Feb 3, 2019

The Barbados Advocate “The word “majority” in this context means, simply, more than half. – Robert’s Rules of Order In our leader of December 30 last year, under the caption, “What constitutes a majority” we had sought to interrogate the validity of an argument...

News: County leaders vote to be ‘civil’ in meetings

The active substance in the gel is thus limited to the free acid. Dec 29, 2018

The Herald-News (Dayton, TN) At the last meeting of the year, county leaders passed a resolution encouraging each to be ‘civil towards one other.’ The Sumner County Civility Code was passed by a vote of 13 to 4, with 4 abstaining votes. The resolution was proposed by...

News: Bylaw Changes Leave Madison BOE Members at Odds

Allergy) i prescribe that i do not consider to be an abuser. Aug 30, 2018

Zip06.com (Madison, WI) Months of heated debate over a bylaw change that restructures the Board of Education (BOE) committees came to a fiery conclusion at the board’s regular meeting on Aug. 28. Ultimately the bylaw change was approved by a vote split along party...

News: No Final Decision Made on Red House Future

Jul 14, 2018

OBSERVER TODAY (Dunkirk, NY) CASSADAGA — Owners of the Red House will have to wait a while longer before finding out if they can resume normal business operations. At last week’s meeting of the Cassadaga Village Board, the zoning issue of Frisbee Road was discussed,...
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