News: Town Council votes to appoint Bellis – Was it legal?

Mar 23, 2018

The Toas News (Toas, NM) In a vote during a special workshop meeting Monday (March 19), the town of Taos Council, reappointed Rick Bellis as the town manager. But the vote left several people in the public confused and prompted two councilors to later question what...

News: Robert’s Rules of Horror

buy Lyrica online ireland Feb 21, 2018 (Huntsville, TX) Having seven great-grandchildren adds joy to my life. Big-time. Although I prefer keeping one or two at a time occasionally, I end up with five for the afternoon. In spite of the frightful noise level, my ability to remain calm and...

Announcing: February 2018 Snippet

Jan 20, 2018

The Meeting Snippet for February 2018 is entitled “The Chair’s Work Area.” It should be posted on February 1, 2018.
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