NEWS: New Bylaw Review Committee begins work, finds little to change

The Harvard Press (Harvard, MA) The new Bylaw Review Committee has nearly completed its task of bringing Harvard’s existing bylaws into compliance with the new town charter approved at the May 8 Town Election. Despite having met just twice, the committee is making...

Louisiana Politics Imitates Looney Toons

Bayou Brief (New Orleans, Louisiana) By Sue Lincoln “Mr. Attorney General, you can’t rewrite parliamentary procedure!” – Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne Lately, it appears that state politics is a live-action version of the old Warner Brothers cartoons we...

News: City council rules confusion highlights voting loophole

Norman Transcript (Norman, OK) – Last week, the Norman City Council unanimously approved an amended version of the Center City form-based code. But before it reached that conclusion just before 1 a.m. Wednesday, there was an hour-long kerfuffle over meeting...

Our Endorsement: The amendments deserve your vote

THE INDEPENDENT FLORIDA ALLIGATOR . . .If you voted last Spring, you might remember seeing online voting on the ballot. Today and Wednesday, you’ll be seeing that same amendment again along with 10 others. You may now be asking yourself, “Why am I voting on this...
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