Understanding How Abstention Votes Impact Public Boards

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Surf City, NJ Children are often taught there are two answers to certain questions: yes or no. That’s not the case for elected officials, who have the ability to abstain from a vote on any given topic for any number of reasons. Often, the reason for an abstention vote...

News: Town Council votes to appoint Bellis – Was it legal?

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The Toas News (Toas, NM) In a vote during a special workshop meeting Monday (March 19), the town of Taos Council, reappointed Rick Bellis as the town manager. But the vote left several people in the public confused and prompted two councilors to later question what...

Our Endorsement: The amendments deserve your vote

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THE INDEPENDENT FLORIDA ALLIGATOR . . .If you voted last Spring, you might remember seeing online voting on the ballot. Today and Wednesday, you’ll be seeing that same amendment again along with 10 others. You may now be asking yourself, “Why am I voting on this...
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