Political News: Ranked Choice Voting-An Easy Solution to Fix Our Broken Elections

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Independent Voter Project: American democracy today is working more poorly than it has in generations. . . . . .Ranked choice voting (sometimes called “instant runoff voting” and “preferential voting”) is a proven voting method designed to accommodate having more than...

News: Brainerd City Council picks new leader – New council members are sworn in

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Brainerd Dispatch (MN): The first Brainerd City Council meeting of 2017 started with some important business. The council unanimously elected Dave Pritschet as council president for 2017-18. . . . . . Pritschet coaches speech and debate at Brainerd High School, where...

Great Leader ebooks

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These four role-based ebooks for the chair, member, secretary and treasurer put everything you need at your fingertips – even during a meeting. – The extensive hyperlinking provides information quickly and easily. Rules for Robert’s Rules of Order Newly...
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