Current Snippet

Phayao Feb 2, 2021

Voting vs. Polling A funny thing happened on the way to virtual meetings: people began to realize the simplicity and ease with which voting happens when they are all in the same physical space. There was a new appreciation for the ability to take a quick voice vote or...

Current Snippet

Feb 1, 2020

Improper Motions When a motion is made, the chair must listen very carefully to the words and determine whether the motion is in order. This process seems very complicated – how can anyone keep track of all those picky rules? But careful listening and following the...

Louisiana Politics Imitates Looney Toons

Bayou Brief (New Orleans, Louisiana) By Sue Lincoln “Mr. Attorney General, you can’t rewrite parliamentary procedure!” – Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne Lately, it appears that state politics is a live-action version of the old Warner Brothers cartoons we...
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