Announcing September 2021 Snippet: Updates

excellently Aug 20, 2021

The meeting snippets for September 2021 are updates on on “Current Robert’s Rules – Snippet 101.1,” “Parliamentarian Credentials – Snippet 105.1, ” and “Substitute Motions – Snippet 107.1.” It should be available after...

Announcing July 2021 Snippet: Parliamentarian Credentials (Update)

(4) the term xanthan gum referred to in the definition (c) is used synonymously with guar gum and it does not exclude th Jun 21, 2021

The meeting snippet for July 2021 is on “Parliamentarian Credentials” This is an update to the original Snippet 105. It should be available after the July 4, 2021 holiday.

Announcing April 2021 Snippet: Suspending the Rules

Ativan comes in many different colors and is usually made by pharmaceutical companies. Mar 20, 2021

The meeting snippet for April 2021 is on “Suspending the Rules” It should be available on or around April 5, 2021.
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