News: Diversion group changes open meeting rules

Jan 7, 2017

Silver City Daily Press . . .Robert’s Rules of Order is a guide to conducting meetings through which decisions should best be made as a group. It has set the standard by which meetings, especially in lower levels of government, have been conducted in the United States...

Political News: Hacking Democratic Rules Isn’t Good Government

Bloomberg: On a list of topics of broad general interest to the reading public, “parliamentary procedure” used to fall somewhere between “competitive badminton” and “advanced topics in topiary design.” Now, however, it is having a moment in the limelight, thanks to...

News: Rec committee sparks debate

The Holyhoke Enterprise Council relies on parliamentary procedure to reach compromise For any high school students wondering why they learn parliamentary procedure in their student organizations, the Holyoke City Council meeting Tuesday, Dec. 20, was a great...
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