Editorial: A question answered

The Barbados Advocate “The word “majority” in this context means, simply, more than half. – Robert’s Rules of Order In our leader of December 30 last year, under the caption, “What constitutes a majority” we had sought to interrogate the validity of an argument...

News: County leaders vote to be ‘civil’ in meetings

The Herald-News (Dayton, TN) At the last meeting of the year, county leaders passed a resolution encouraging each to be ‘civil towards one other.’ The Sumner County Civility Code was passed by a vote of 13 to 4, with 4 abstaining votes. The resolution was proposed by...

Announcing: November 2018 Snippet

The Meeting Snippet for November 2018 will cover “Questions of Privilege.” It should be posted on or about November 1, 2018.

News: First Baptist Church needs help to save steeple in New Bedford

South Coast Today (New Bedford, MA) Anyone who spends an evening with the Property Brothers or Chip and Joanna Gaines understands that with renovations comes unseen obstacles. New Bedford’s version of an HGTV renovator, WHALE, has run into its own bad news while...

News: Bylaw Changes Leave Madison BOE Members at Odds

Zip06.com (Madison, WI) Months of heated debate over a bylaw change that restructures the Board of Education (BOE) committees came to a fiery conclusion at the board’s regular meeting on Aug. 28. Ultimately the bylaw change was approved by a vote split along party...
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