Echo Press (Alexandria, Minnesota):

The complex process of changing Alexandria’s charter — the 57-year-old document that serves as the city’s constitution — hit a rocky patch Monday night.

Out of 14 amendments the city council considered, only four received preliminary approval, five failed to get the required unanimous approval, and five were tabled to get more information. . .

. . .An amendment that was tabled would allow the council to follow the current version of Robert’s Rules of Order for meetings instead of Robert’s Rules of Order Revised, which has been revised 11 times since it was first approved in the charter.

Kuhlman said he opposed part of the amendment that allows the council to adopt “alternate rules of procedures” for its meetings. He said that could lead to council members reaching decisions by “fighting it out” or “throwing shoes at each other.”

Jensen said the rules would have to be approved by a majority of the council and asked Kuhlman if he thought the council wouldn’t have the common sense to vote against an idea to allow “shoe throwing” at meetings.

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