Portage (Wisconsin) Daily Register

During a discussion of proposed changes in the city ordinance related to how the Portage Common Council conducts its business, about the only thing members agreed on Thursday was that the proposed revisions need more work.

The 7-0 vote to send the matter back to the city’s Legislative and Regulatory Committee followed spirited discussion, one successful amendment and another amendment that was turned back by a 4-3 vote.

The proposed revisions were part of the second chapter of Ordinance 17-008, related to administration.

Thursday’s Common Council meeting was supposed to have included the first reading (preliminary approval) for the following proposed changes:

  • A requirement that motions pertaining to recommendations coming from a city committee must be made either by the chairperson or a member of that committee who voted support of the recommendation.
  • A requirement that all ordinances submitted to the council must be in written form, and adding the city administrator as a person authorized to draft proposed ordinances. Under the current ordinance, drafting of ordinances can be done by either the city attorney or city clerk, at the request of the mayor or any Common Council member

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