A Great Meeting Needs a Great Secretary eBook

lidir. The duties of the secretary, like those of the president, are so important to the meeting that if either is absent, someone is chosen to serve temporarily (“pro tem”). The secretary works before the meeting to send required notices and help the chair set the road map for the meeting (the agenda). During the meeting, the secretary calls the roll, reads official correspon-dence (and the minutes if not distributed in advance) and records motions made during the meeting. These notes are used to prepare the official record of the actions taken (the minutes). The secretary has the same responsibilities whether or not a paid staff member performs most of the tasks. This tool will help you learn the tasks and understand the important role of the secretary. Like the other ebooks in the Great Leaders Collection, there are two sections: a front section containing information about the secretary’s role and responsibilities and a back section providing templates and samples of the rules and documents critical to the success of an association as well as suggested special rules for many situations, including conventions, telephone meetings, board meetings, and electronic meetings. It is easy to be a Great Secretary – just flip the pages and follow the directions!

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